Easter Like No Other

How to Celebrate Easter 2020 during Quarantine

Looking through the albums on my phone and seeing the photos from last year during the Easter celebration made me realize how different Easter is this year.  I can’t help but feel sad and overwhelmed by the daily news through live stream, social media, and IG post regarding the effects of the Coronavirus, a pandemic that sent the whole world in quarantine.  However, my daughter’s innocence continually reminds me of the beauty and blessings amidst the uncertainty and chaos.  As I woke her up this morning, she was excited to tell me about her “happy” dream.  She had dreamt about receiving a ball wrapped in multiple layers of gold paper.  As she unwrapped the golden ball inside, she found a bar of square chocolate.  When I asked her why it was a “happy” dream, she simply stated, “because I got to eat the “humongous chocolate.” Seeing her face light up as she tells me about her dream; at that moment, I felt a sense of peace and joy. Then she proceeded to tell me that today is her “baby bunny’s birthday” as she cuddled her stuff toy.  Although my daughter recognizes big holidays, she doesn’t yet know the exact dates for them except for Christmas.  Somehow her subconscious knew what today was.  She has not forgotten about Easter.  So, this is how we are celebrating Easter at home in the name of “making memories.”

How to Celebrate Easter 2020 during Quarantine

Make Arts and Crafts – With a few colored pencils or markers and a drawing pad, color, or draw a bunny/eggs to keep with the Easter theme.  Luckily my daughter loves making arts and crafts, specifically drawing and coloring activities, which keeps her entertained for hours.  At five years old, her drawing/painting skills are Picasso level in comparison to mine. (I’m not joking). 

Egg painting – What would the Easter celebration be at home without egg painting.  Egg painting is one of the activities that my daughter looks forward to Easter.  Probably (although unaware) to show off to her mommy the creativity she possesses, which I have lacked lately.  With a few boiled eggs and a bit of food coloring, there are lots of fun times to be had.

Bake Easter goodies – By all means, I am not a baker at all.  When I say bake goodies, I am talking about baking goodies straight from the box.  No need to stress yourself, ensuring you have all the ingredients unless you are a baker yourself.  Thankfully, we have stock on premix cupcakes for times when cravings of baked goods arise unexpectedly.  Whether your baking from scratch or using premix like myself, the outcome will be the same.  The most important aspect is seeing my daughter’s face light up as she enjoys mixing the batter and getting it all over her fingers, face, and clothes. 

Indoor egg hunt – Who says indoor egg-hunting can’t be fun?  The past couple of years, my daughter has collected several dozens of plastic eggs from egg-hunting events, which I’ve recycled.  It comes in handy during this time when the majority of businesses, small and large, are closed due to social distancing caused by the pandemic. Hide/spread the Easter eggs all over the house after filling them with sweets and trinkets that we already have in the snack drawer/pantry.  If my daughter takes just as long as looking for it as much time that I spent hiding it, then the egg-hunting will be a success.

Capture the memories – Lastly, while the fun activities are happening, remember to snap some photos to capture the moments.  If you are up for it, you can even put on those Easter outfits and not let it go to waste. Playing dress up for this sweet child creates princess moments. Regardless if you are put together or not for the photo op, the most important is to capture those smiles.  After all, the “happiness” achieved at that moment are the best memories.

Dolled up for Easter

Although this Easter will be like no other, I am grateful that we are together, healthy and safe.  That is all that matters.

I know this is not a huge holiday for many, but if you do celebrate Easter, how are you celebrating yours? Let me know on the comments below.

Stay safe!


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